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Cougar Lunch Time


School Lunch Fees

The Food Service Department is striving to provide school children with nutritious meals that they enjoy which will contribute to good health, growth and maintenance. Healthy eating habits are an integral part of your child's growth and development.  A child uses their imagination to embark on adventurous journeys and in order for their brains to do this; they need healthy morning "fuel". Breakfast, the most important meal, needs to be part of the education day. Studies have proven that higher academic and social achievement occurs when breakfast is consumed. Students will be more alert and attentive and more likely to participate in activities. 

The National School Breakfast Program was enacted to ensure that school children are being served a nutritious breakfast daily. The meal consists of one-fourth the Recommended Daily Allowances over a week period. A selective menu is offered which ranges from eggs, toast, cereal, muffins, breakfast pizza, oatmeal, fresh fruit and milk. Students may choose from three or four of the choices being given that day. The students can choose between skim, 1% white, fat free chocolate, and fat free strawberry milk and assorted fresh fruits as the National School Breakfast Program complies with the Dietary guidelines for Americans. The menu choices are available due to student responses to surveys and taste-testing.

If good breakfast eating habits are encouraged early in life, then it will ensure good eating habits for a lifetime. Remember that your body is like a car, it needs "fuel" to keep on moving, so starting your day without breakfast is like starting your car without gas.

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